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Great Replacement Speaker

Replaced a Celestion Type "A" speaker with the Jupiter Midnight M12C and couldn't be happier. The Jupiter Midnight was installed into a Carr Skylark amp that had previously sounded like it had a blanket over it. The Midnight opened up the tone of the amplifier the way I hoped for. More presence in the higher range and more tight resonance on the bass end. Overall very happy with this speaker. This is my 2nd Jupiter speaker as I have a Jupiter 12LA that came with a MilkMan amp I purchased, and that too is an awesome sounding speaker. There's no other speaker manufacturer that does better than Jupiter when it comes to American-voiced speakers. Highly recommended...!

Dan H.
M12C & Fender 6L6GC amps

As the title implies, took me awhile to find the right speaker for early type Jensen/Americana with high powered blackpanel 6L6GC Fender amps like the Bassman & Pro Reverb.

As a roots/rock/blues type player that digs in with pick & fingers I tweak my fender amp circuits to handle transients sweetly & reduce ice pick response (especially bassman heads).

But any Jensen type modern speaker I've tried including all the Weber 12F150 cone types were too punchy & loud. The 12LC was a step in the right direction, but again too agressive.

I have a M12C 4 ohm in a 1X12 cab for the bassmans, & a M12C paired with an original Utah in the Pro Reverb. The 97db rating is a great match for 6L6GC'S giving more of that 60's response. I play low to medium volume for Americana music.

I also use a WGS ET90 4 ohm speaker 1X12 cab for loud gigs with my 90's band. The M12C has a 50 watt rating so in that application I'd be afraid to damage them. The ET90 is rated at 90 watts & has some Celestion grit which works for grungy stuff.



M12C Midnight 12" 50W American Ceramic Guitar Speaker

Add Speaker Break-in

12" seamed ribbed cone with a large ceramic magnet, the replacement for C12N.

Similar to the 12LC but with less output and a smoother yet balanced sound that retains headroom.   Some nice compression is evident compared to the 12LC but not at the expense of headroom.  Originally intended for studio or home use, many musicians claim it to be the closest to the original C12N from 4 and 5 decades ago.  


-Diameter:  12 1/4"

-Depth rear mount:  5 1/16"

-Cut-out hole diameter". 11"

-Mounting Holes:  1/4"

-Number of mounting holes:  8

-Mounting Hole Circle Diameter:  11 3/4"



-Power Handling: 50W

-Sensitivity: 97 dB

-Voice Coil Diameter:  1.5"

-Magnet: Ceramic - 35oz

-Weight: 9lbs


Video: M12A vs. M12C -  Alnico vs. Ceramic Midnight by Jack Fossett