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Great speaker! Totally in love. Perfect for my Milkman Pedal Steel Mini

12LA - 12" 50W Vintage American Alnico Guitar Speaker

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12" seamed cone with large alnico motor, upgrade replacement for Jensen P12N.

"This is the speaker that floored us and set us on the path to digging in and placing a call to Jupiter. We'll just cut to the chase and say this is the closest to a vintage Jensen of any modern speaker we have ever heard. In the Deluxe Reverb, it adds more headroom, which is absolutely magical, and lets us explore much more wonderful territory before the amp gushes like a great DR will do. There is a fullness and clarity, and the breakup is excellent. The vintage 1959 P12N has less power, and again, is smoky and woody, but doesn't have the note definition of the Jupiter. It is amazing, though. Of special note, the Princeton Reverb with the Jupiter 12 was fantastic, eye-opening, and we could gig that combo until we fly to the great gig in the sky. So good. And in the tweed Deluxe, game over."   ToneQuest Report


-Diameter:  12.25"

-Depth rear mount:  6"

-Cut-out hole diameter:  11"

-Mounting Holes:  1/4"

-Number of mounting holes:  8

-Mounting Hole Circle Diameter:  11 3/4”


-Power Handling:  50W

-Sensitivity:  100 dB

-Voice Coil Diameter:  1.5"

-Magnet: Alnico - 40oz

-Weight:  10lbs

-Voice Coil Diameter:  1.5"

-Magnet: Ceramic - 35oz

-Weight:  9lbs

ToneQuest Report PDF - on Jupiter Speakers April 2023

As appeared in The ToneQuest Report, April 2023 Vol.24 No.6, Pages 11-16

Video: 12LA vs. 12LC -  Alnico vs. Ceramic by Jack Fossett