15LA - 15" 50W Vintage American Alnico Guitar Speaker

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15" Ribbed Cone with a Large Alnico Magnet, the replacement for P15N.

"We put every amp we own through both the 1960 Jensen P15N and the Jupiter. It messed with us, and we found it impossible to play the smaller speakers afterwards, we needed a long break each time. The 1960 Jensen was just plain heady and righteous. When we put the Milkman HT15 though it, the entire house was filled with the most glorious throbbing tremolo. Dear lawd. We hated to do it, but we had to, and called Tim up to buy the amp. We suppose all you need to know is that it's the first modern amp we've ever bought, thanks to our vintage cork-sniffery. The Jupiter 15 has this wide-glide oomph that is gorgeous, full, smooth, and pleasing. The vintage 1960 Jensen is more scooped and aged, back in the mix, but incredible, as expected. All of the amps loved these two speakers.

What Jupiter is doing is stellar. They are truly superb speakers you can cuddle with or just plain floor, and they handle the wild and wooly firepower from our vintage fuzzes and Echoplexes without a worry of them melting down in the middle of a gig or session. We always wonder if the vintage Jensens will go up in smoke, it's just how it goes. Quest forth..." ToneQuest Report -Riverhorse


-Diameter:  15 3/16"

-Depth rear mount: 7"

-Cut-out hole diameter:  14"

-Mounting Holes:  1/4"

-Number of mounting holes:  8

-Mounting Hole Circle Diameter:  14 3/4"


-Power Handling:  50W

-Sensitivity:  99dB

ToneQuest Report PDF - on Jupiter Speakers April 2023

As appeared in The ToneQuest Report, April 2023 Vol.24 No.6, Pages 11-16

-Voice Coil Diameter:  1.5"

-Magnet: Large Alnico - 40oz

-Weight:  12lbs