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Big E
10LC-P 10" 25W

I am loving this speaker. I paired it with a Tone King Gremlin. Sounds great! I have rolled several speakers paired with my Gremlin including a Cajun, V30, WGS ET(nice speaker by the way),others,, and ended up with the 10LC-P 10" 25W Vintage American Ceramic as the keeper. It’s a little bright but I like it that way. I plan to try the 10LC 10" 50W Vintage American Ceramic in the future as seems it would be a little less bright and potentially “bigger” sounding but I am in no hurry to replace the 10LC-P. Truth is I will probably never swap out the 10LC-P. It sounds good so why mess with it..
The bass is nice and tight, good mids, and sweet highs. I highly recommend it for a Fender type amps. I was a little concerned that the tweed/overdrive/pushed mode might be harsh/shrill but nope it sounds good to me and is nice and compressed like I like it. Great speaker! I highly recommend it.

10LC-P 10" 25W Vintage American Ceramic Guitar Speaker with Paper Voice Coil

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10" seamed ribbed cone with our Large Ceramic Magnet, the replacement for C10N with a Paper Voice Coil.


-Diameter:  10 3/16"

-Depth rear mount:  4 1/4"

-Cut-out hole diameter:  9"

-Mounting Holes:  1/4"

-Number of mounting holes:  8

-Mounting Hole Circle Diameter:  9 3/4"


-Power Handling:  25W

-Sensitivity:  99 dB

-Voice Coil Diameter:  1.5"

-Magnet: Ceramic - 35oz

-Weight:  7lbs