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Perfect speaker for me!

It was the perfect upgrade for my Bugera V5 project. This speaker has a rich, balanced, full sound. Granted, I did upgrade from the original 8” so the 10” alone has a lot to do with the fuller sound. NONETHELESS! what a sweet speaker. I spent a lot of time searching for quality 10”. I was recommended Weber, Jensen, and WGS. When I stumbled across these I dug deeper. Read reviews, watched videos, and even dove deeper into what makes speakers sound the way they do (I’m very much a newbie to the speaker world). Figured I’d give it a shot. I’m very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend. I will say, definitely watch the A/B comparison video between the standard and paper voice coil. I went with the standard because the alterations I made to the amp itself already made it quite bright, so I didn’t want the paper voice coil to add to it. The standard is still plenty bright. This is the tone I was after.

Dave Hovanec
Really great speaker!

I put the MC10 speaker in my Princeton Recording Amp and it sounds great. The sound character is balanced and smooth with all the frequencies coming through nicely. Beautiful looking and very well built. I will be buying more Jupiter Speakers!

Keith E.
Great sound right out of the box.

This speaker is truly amazing. It has more bottom end than I expected out of a 10" speaker, it is clear on the top end without sounding harsh and seems to be able to take a beating without bottoming out. Somehow it is clear and bright, tight in the lows, with a midrange that is up front but not overbearing. It just sounds right.


Sounds great!!! Smooths out just the right amount of sizzle with a vintage Princeton.

M10C Midnight 10" 50W American Ceramic Guitar Speaker

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Featured in ToneQuest Report.

The M10C has a slightly smoother sound that retains headroom. Similar to the 10LC but with less output but a more balanced sound with more presence and sparkle on the top end.   Initially intended for studio or home use, musicians claim it to be the closest to the original C10N from 4 and 5 decades ago.  The standard voice coil gives a more 3D presence when compared to a paper voice coil.

"Through the Princeton Reverb, thanks to the 50-watts, it gave the amp a sweet and crystalline shimmer, and a bit more headroom, which is a good thing. The Jupiter 10 seems to somehow meld the best qualities of a ceramic and alnico into one sublime, strong and smooth pureness of fidelity that is inspiring. The top end is nice and pleasing, and not as punchy bright as our 1959 C10N. The vintage alnico Jensen P10N is lower powered, sultrier and smokier. We love this Jupiter 10. It sounds old, too. What a fascinating blend of clarity and roundness. Good lawd they got it right."

Riverhorse - ToneQuest Report


-Diameter: 10 3/16"

-Depth rear mount: 4 1/4:

-Cut-out hole diameter:  9"

-Mounting Holes:  1/4"

-Number of mounting holes:  8

-Mounting Hole Circle Diameter:  9 3/4"



-Power Handling: 50W

-Sensitivity: 97 dB

-Voice Coil Diameter:  1.5"

-Magnet: Ceramic - 35oz

-Weight: 7lbs

ToneQuest Report PDF - on Jupiter Speakers April 2023

As appeared in The ToneQuest Report, April 2023 Vol.24 No.6, Pages 11-16


Video M10C vs. M10C-P Comparison by Jack Fossett